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Educational Websites

This site is an excellent site to practice STAAR like problems. These problems are at the rigous level that the STAAR test is written. The more your child works with this site, the better their problem solving skills will be. Please try to sit with your child when working on this site, especially at the beginning when they are learning how the questions are asked and how to navigate properly. 

This site goes along with our curriculum workbook, Texas Go Math. It has tons of games for students to sharpen their skills.


Behavioral Management Application

Great integration of science and math games. 

Very cool games. If you create an account then it saves your child's progress so they can work their way through the levels like a video game. 


Measurement games

Lots of measurement games. 

Click on Fact Dash to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. You can set the timer for faster practice. 

This site has tons of math and language games for practice. 

This site has tons of math games. 

This site has tons of word problems that are self checking. Great site to pratice problem solving. 

This site has tons of math games to play. 

This site is for measurement practice. 

This site is good for printing worksheets for just basic math practices. 

This is another website with numerous math games for students to practice math concepts. A 9 year old student sent this website to me. He said it would be a good addition to my website. I totally agree with him after looking at many of the games available on this website. I want to give a “Shout Out” to Liam for informing me about this website. Thanks so much Liam, you are the bomb. :-)

This website has numerous online resources. It was recommended by a student that has been struggling with her math curriculum. As her and her mother did some research looking for some online math activities, they found my school webpage. Peyton said she really enjoyed my webpage and Mom found it quite helpful and got a lot of use from one online website on my page called, “Dad’s Worksheets”. This is the 2nd time a student has reached out to me to thank me for my teacher webpage and I am very thankful for these young children’s contribution to my page. I want to give a shout out to Peyton for sharing this page with me. And good luck Peyton on your research badge. :-)

Good for problem solving practice.