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ESL Resources

Vocabulary Learning Platform     =.

Many Things Daily    =

Many Things Org.     =

Interactive English Grammar Exercises Online   =

ESL Games:


ESL Videos   (English with Sound and Light 2)


How to Improve Your English Skills (Video)


ESL Videos for Kids


Jack Hartmann Phonics Videos:

See It, Say It, Sign It =

Workout to the Letter sounds =

Word Family -ad  =

Word Family -et  =

Word Family -ip  =

Word Family -og  =

Count to 20 and Workout  =

What is a Blend  =

Blend Song  =  

Digraphs Song  =

When 2 Vowels Go Walking Song =

The Money Song  =

Show Me the Money Song  =

Sight Word Song 1  (Kinder) =

Sight Word song 2 (Kinder)   =

Sight Word Song 3 (Kinder)  =

Sight word Song 4 (Kinder)  =


Preschool Prep Level 1 Sight Words


1st Grade Sight Words =

2nd Grade Sight Words =

3rd grade Endless Reader Sight Words  =

4th Grade Sight Words  =

Multiplication Mash Up  =

Fastest Way to Learn Multiplication Facts  =     


Free ESL Quizzes and Resources for students and teachers:


List of Downloadable APPS

  • Action Words 3D

  • Funland (great app from Cambridge English for ages 7-12)

  • Fun with Word Sounds

  • iTouch TOEFL  Prep

  • Learn Synonym Words for Fun

  • Synonym Dictionary Definition Terms

  • Memory Game with English Synonyms

  • Learn English Sentence Master

  • Learn English Vocabulary Pop Quiz       ( IPAD IOS app only)